Pt.2:  Telluride to Virginius Pass

Course Photographs by Klas Eklof, July 2006
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After Telluride (mile 27.8) the climbs become a little more involving.

A few hundred feet above Telluride. The Telluride aid station is behind the trees just right of the baseball field.
This view looks directly into Telluride Bear Creek. The three-pronged crown-like peak just right-of-center is the San Joaquin Ridge. Our trail descended down the valley directly to it's left.

On the switchbacks at about 10,800', looking southwest.
San Miguel Mountains are in the background. All three 14'ers in the range, Wilson Peak [14,017'], Mt. Wilson [14,246'], and El Diente [14,159'] hiding in the clouds.

Treeline in Upper Liberty Bell Basin, looking northwest back down the trail at Greenback Mountain.

From the same location as the photo above, at treeline in Upper Liberty Bell Basin, looking southeast.
Our trail can be seen snaking through the trees immediately right-of-dead-center. Eventually it reaches the Mendota Saddle [12,560'], which is the lowest point on the horizon to the left of the big cliffs at center.

John Cappis on the approach to the Mendota Saddle [12,560'].
Our trail can be faintly seen on the far slope, rising from left to right across the top of the scree.

Five minutes later, looking southwest.

Tucker at the Mendota Saddle [12,560'], view southwest.

Tucker at the Mendota Saddle [12,560'], view southeast.

Zoom-in shot of the view above.
Peaks from left-to-right:
Trico [13,321'],
Unnamed Peak [13,477'],
Three Needles [13,481'].

Still at Mendota, looking northeast directly at Virginius Pass [13,100'], the low point immediately right-of center, where the scree collides with the cliffs.
The continuation of our trail across Marshall Basin can be very faintly seen on the far scree slope.

This shot is taken from the big flat spot in Marshall Basin, looking southwest back at the Medota Saddle.
It is snowing.

Climbing toward Virginius Pass on the trail across Marshall Basin.

Looking back down the trail, same location as the shot above.

Arrival at Virginius Pass [13,100'].

Tucker, Steve Pero, and John Cappis standing on Virginius Pass [13,100'], looking south.
Bridal Veil Falls at center.

Zoom-in of Bridal Veil Falls from Virginius Pass.
Somewhere up there in the clouds on the right is Oscar's Pass, which our trail crested 11.4 miles ago.

This view from Virginius Pass is southwest, looking over Telluride and into Telluride Bear Creek Valley where our trail descended from Oscar's Pass.

Spin around 180-degrees, and this is the view north from Virginius Pass.
The green ridge at dead-center is Stony Mountain [12,698'], and our trail descends straight ahead, down the valley to it's base.
The low saddle on the horizon, at the extreme left, is Blue Lake Pass [13,000']. The peak to the right of the pass is Mount Sneffels [14,150'].
Peak on the right side of the picture with the spikey nub on its left side is Teakettle Mountain [13,819'].

Running down the north face of Virginius Pass.

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