John Muir Trail, August 2005

Day 5:
Gladys Lake to Upper Crater Meadow.
14 Miles.

A total utility day. Not much of interest the entire way. Devil's postpile was pretty amazing, but impossible to photograph midmorning with the sun shining in your face and the rocks in the shade. The best part of the day was going through Reds Meadow where I had a great meal and replenished my supply of mosquito repellant.

Gladys Lake in the morning. My camp was dirctly accross on the other side. 05-01-gladys

Just south of Reds Meadow, climbing out of the Middle Fork San Joaquin Valley, through the aftermath of the Rainbow Fire. 05-02-fire

Have you ever been walking along when all of the sudden a little rock in the trail jumps two feet straight up into the air and almost hits your knee? If so, then you know my little frog friend here. 05-03-frog

Trail intersection at Upper Crater Meadow.
Many UFO sightings rumored here.

My camp at Upper Crater Meadow. Crater Creek runs through the grass behind.
This was to be the night my camp would welcome a large visitor, and my bear-resistant food cannister would finally become more than a lead keel in my pack.

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