John Muir Trail, August 2005

Day 4:
Island Pass Lakes to Gladys Lake.
10 Miles.

I had planned this day to be easy. Seems like I spent most of the day in the forest, or in my tent escaping the storm, and that's why there are so few photos.

Yours Truly with Banner Peak and Thousand Island Lake. 04-01-me

Gladys Lake, from its outlet. 04-02-gladys

I camped directly on the canyon rim, between the lake and the cliff. Over the edge is the Valley of the Middle Fork San Joaquin River. 04-03-camp

My camp at the bottom right. The storm came roaring up the valley, with lots of lightning, and dumped marble-sized hail for a solid 20 minutes. I started to worry that the large hail would damage the tarptent, and might have taken it down if I had not been more afraid of the lightning and the hail hitting my head. In the end the tarptent was unscathed, and gained some new respect. 04-04-camp

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