John Muir Trail, August 2005

Day 1:
Yosemite Valley to Merced Lake.
14 Miles.

Those familiar with the trail will immediately understand that I took an alternate route. Only following the JMT proper for the first 5 miles, I left the trail and continued up the Merced River Canyon to Merced Lake. Then on the second day I passed Vogelsang and dropped into Lyell Canyon to meet back up with the JMT at Ireland Creek. This route is also known as Starr's AR-3, and is a couple of miles shorter.
I went this way to avoid Tuolumne Meadows, and also because I love the Merced River Canyon between Little Yosemite Valley and Merced Lake.

Studying the maps before I left, and testing the macro feature on my new Nikon S1 digital camera that would soon take all these pictures. 01-01

Trailhead at 6:30 am. 211 miles (340 km) to Mount Whitney. 01-02

Vernal Fall from the bridge, with van-sized boulders. 01-03-vernal

Liberty Cap and Nevada Fall 01-05-nevada

Shot from Bunnel Cascade, looking west back down the Merced. East Moraine Dome on the right, Cascade Cliffs on the left. 01-06-moraine

In the Bunnel Cascade, looking upriver. 01-08-canyon-up

Just after the river crossing NE of Bunnell Point. 01-10-canyon

The Merced River canyon approaching Echo Valley.
Pretty sure Mt. Florence is the background peak.

Arriving at Merced Lake. 01-12-merced

Merced Lake, looking east. Lewis/Fletcher Creeks canyon on the left, Merced River and Washburn Lake up the canyon on the right. 01-13-merced

Merced Lake, looking west. 01-14-merced

Campsite at Merced Lake. 01-15-camp

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